Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day one

As I'm sitting here snacking away on pumpkin seeds, I've come to the realization that I may be addicted to the salty shell.  The flavored seeds without the shell just doesn't do it for me but still taste pretty good.  Anyway it's a new year which means time for new beginnings, new hopes, new dreams, and perhaps new goals as well?   I recall last year of having a goal of finding a new job and I'm happy to report that I did in fact accomplish that goal.  I am no longer a hotel desk clerk, but a field traffic controller in workforce operations at a major cable company.  

Why the drastic change? Well to be blunt I was unhappy. The end. On a serious note I decided that I would have a New Year's resolution for this year too.  Like many others, I would love to get down to a goal weight but I don't want to make that my resolution, because normally it doesn't pan out how I want it.  If I set my goal to high I might set myself up for disappointment for not getting close to it.  So for this year, my resolution is to make a lifestyle change. That is, cut out soda completely (again), cut out sugary and fatty/fried foods (again) and to start eating better.  Losing weight will just be a bonus. I even have a friendly bet going with a friend of mine who is also looking to make a lifestyle change.  The end result of this bet will lead us to having fun no matter the outcome and of course feeling good about ourselves.

I decided to start writing down my thoughts and progress on my journey.  I may not write every single day, but I will try to write at least once a week.  So a few days ago I started this journey (couple days before the new year) and I am happy to report that I am already down 5lbs.  It's amazing what happens when you don't drink soda or eat cupcakes and other junk. To all of those who are joining me in this life style change I want to say good luck to you.  If you are like me, you will probably feel like crap and have a lot of headaches from the sugar withdrawal.  You will get over it trust me! Give it a couple of weeks and your body will be use to it.  Do not give up! Remember it's a new year, a chance for a new start! Until next time, Happy New Year!

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