Saturday, January 9, 2016

Feeling The Difference

People say when they don't have their coffee in the morning that they are like some version of Satan and that we should avoid them until they have their coffee.  I'm starting to understand that feeling.  I'm not much of a coffee drinker but I do like my caffeinated beverages.  Even though I have been without soda and any type of energy drink for almost 3 weeks now, I have come to realize that my moods have been changing.  While I no longer crave these types of drinks I feel the difference without them. 

It usually hits me in the late afternoon while sitting at my desk.  I feel myself slowly nodding my head and falling into a daze.  I quickly grab a piece of dark chocolate to give myself a little energy boost.  It actually works, and I can move on with my day.  Resisting can be very difficult, but to me it is all about willpower.  

Reading labels on food has also become a habit and this is actually a great habit to pick up.  It's actually almost an obsessive feeling when I think about it.  I'll glance at something that looks really good and immediately turn it over to see the nutrition info.  I have it in my head that anything over a certain fat content or calorie content, I immediately put back.  The way I see it, if you have to really think about whether or not it's okay for you, most likely it's not!  

It's been 12 days since I started my new journey, and I am happy to report I am down 8lbs.  Just making minor changes in my diet (well some drastic) I am seeing a difference.  Sometimes when I feel I may slip up and eat/drink something I'm not supposed to, I simply think: Is it worth it?  Why fall backwards, when I could be moving forward?  I'm also glad that I have a friend who is joining me on this journey.  Having someone there with you is a big help.  We all might have our own methods on the way we work our goals, but as long as we get the result we want at the end, is all that matters! So until next time, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  

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